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GT-BE98 Blocking Internet does only work for the default IoT Network?

Level 8

Hi there,

blocking Internet access for devices only works for the IoT guest network initially defined while setting up the router the first time.

The point is, that this 'default'- guest network is using the same subnet as the main network, which is fixed, so can't be changed. No visible Vlan is being set up for the default guest network and it lacks options, the 'custom' guest network provide, like limiting to 2,4ghz band,etc. That kinda destroys the purpose of having a separated and controlled guest network?! My usecase is to put all smart devices, etc to an isolated network, having no access to intra and internet at all.

I hope this is a bug/fixable and not by design? (If the latter, i might have to hurry considering a refund). Is it possible to block internet traffic for custom/IoT Networks without cutting wifi connection completely?

I checked the IoT, user specific and also the "guest" guest networks, for none of them the blocking feature does apply.




Level 15

Can you set the initial setup Legacy Network to Access Point Isolated, so they can't, or should not be able to access the Intranet?

I believe the user configurable Guest Network Pro setup creates a VLAN which blocks Intranet access, (something I did not want).  But I have no idea how to block Internet access...

The AP isolation does something different imo, but also that option is gone with the default guest network.

Custom guest networks have all options available, but, depsite of a vlan being created by default when you set them up, the subnet created still has wan access.

Level 8

Any suggestions about how i could achive this in other ways are also very welcome 🙂

Are you able to manually assign an IP to the ones outside the DHCP server range?  I guess that will prevent them from being given WAN access...

I cannot control some devices in this regards, at least, i didn't find ways to do so for some.

Besides, i want to eliminate the chance, devices might be able to regain wan access by changing ip/gw. No matter what happens, i want to ensure having them isolated.

Having Vlans were one of the major pros that got me into bying the costly asus.