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GT-AXE16000 VPN fusion, max number of concurrent active VPN connections

Level 7

Trying it this way as support seems to have a strike or something.

I'm trying to configure 3 active VPN connections through wireguard on my AXE16000. When I turn on the 3rd connection it gives me the

"It reached the max number of concurrent active VPN connections, please deactivate one of active VPN profile before activate a new one" message.

in the FAQ it says the max number of concurrent active VPN connections is 4 but it seems that the AXE11000 is the latest supported device for this. So for the newer 16000 it doesnt work? 

I'm running version :


Level 9

AXE16000 is turning out to be garbage

Level 7

For anyone facing the same issue, support just came back with the following;

"We recently limited the maximum number of simultaneous VPN connections to 2 for stability reasons. We will release to 4 VPN connections as before once we finished the stability test and adjustments."