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GT-AXE16000 slower upload speed

Level 7

Can someone help me with this?  I must be missing something.  I have 2G internet speed and my router is telling me it's downloading at 2221.52Mbps but only 956.54Mbps upload.  Am I missing a switch somewhere to enable my upload to achieve the same speed as download (or at least close)?

Thanks everyone.



Level 15

Not that I know of.  Have you tried a replacement Ethernet cable from ONT to router?

I haven't cause one way seems fine but I guess it's worth a shot.  Can't hurt right?  I'll do that and report.


Ethernet is Full Duplex so I believe the lines are different send and receive.  Crossing my fingers it’s that simple….

Level 8

I’m on a 1Gbit symmetrical connection as well, using the same router, and I have the same problem. On average, when using Wi-Fi, my upload speeds are 50% slower than download. Wired connection has no issues. 

I'm not testing to the PC, I'm testing the router to the ONT.  No WIFI here.

It's very strange.  I ordered a new cable so waiting on that to arrive to eliminate that potential issue.

Ah, never mind then. I’m only running into this with Wi-Fi, not with the wired connection. 

Usually people have extra Ethernet cables around so sorry you had to go and purchase one.  (I honestly did the same because I have been slowly building a 10 G backhaul in the house).  At first it worked great my PC Speedtest result was actually faster than the router speedtesting.  Eventually it slowed down to quite a bit slower than the router speed tests.  Powering off and on the nearby switch seems to improve the issue, but I’m a little scared to touch the switch in the media closet lest it makes me have to rebuild the network).  I can’t replace the in wall wiring which is my next suspect…

(I’m almost afraid to ask, how did the new cable go?  For when you try it that is).

Avg on multiple devices or a single device?  If on a single device/PC have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling the WiFi driver?

this is reading from the router IP.  Using a web browser, 192.168.*.1 I'm loggin in to the router and in that software I'm checking internet speed.