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GT-AXE11000 to GT-AXE16000 configuration

Level 7

I am changing router, and would like to know if I can restore my old ASUS GT-AXE11000 configuration to the new ASUS GT-AXE16000?

I have a very complex setup, with dozens of ports forwarded, some 80 or so DHCP manually assigned IPs, and that would really help me.


Level 13
I wish I could help but I don't use that process. We probably both realize one of the 5 GHz radios will not be updated but beyond that, I suppose if the system recognizes the device/s it will add something like the port forwarding. These systems are probably designed to work the way you hope.
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Dong Knows Tech has a review of the AXE16000 where he tried backup and restoring to the AXE16000. He doesn't specify the models he tried backups of but says it can "save a lot of time".

Article here:

and direct screen snipit of the section

I tried it but gave up and set it up as new a couple of days later. My setup is a bit unique so others may have a better chance at success. I had to reboot the router every couple of hours due to all network traffic freezing.