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GT-AXE11000: How to Properly Use 2.5G WAN/LAN Port?

Level 7
Can anyone give a simple explanation of how to properly use the 2.5G port on this router? My understanding is that I need to connect my cable modem to the WAN port on the router just as you would on any ordinary router. I then run an Ethernet cable from the 2.5G port to my main gaming PC?

Are the other LAN ports still functional, or does the 2.5G port replace one of the other ports? Or do I need to plug the cable modem into the 2.5G port as a WAN port? I've searched the setup guide and haven't been able to glean much from that paperwork.

I'd like to use a second router plugged into an Ethernet switch connected to the GT-AXE1000 LAN 2 port to give more WiFi coverage to my home, but I'm not sure if that it possible. I believe it's called Ethernet backhaul? I do not want to use the wireless AiMesh option, I prefer all my devices be connect via Ethernet cables as much as possible.


Level 12
You can have what is called a 'Wired repeater station' but will not work AiMesh (not an issue because you don't want that). I normally assign the wired repeater station a static IP on the main router. Static IP should be set outside of DHCP pooled assigned address range.

2.5G network ports, it is my understanding, will only run at this speed, if they are capable, that is both connected NIC support this and the cable used, CAT6 (usally not crossover, may get away with CAT5 on shorter runs 'less than 5m to maybe ?10m?'). Not really confident about CAT 5 distances, stopped using it fair while ago, just off memory thing and less than 100m comes to mind without signal booster.

Level 12
I use it to get AX Wi-Fi speeds (2.4 Gbps) on my network to a 2.5 Gbps Ethernet port on a Desktop..
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