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GT-AXE11000 - Dual wan issues

Level 8
Hello, I recently bought an asus GT-AXE11000 router and configured it in dual wan, load balance mode, with two different modems on two different internet lines.

This is my setup:


I specify that the configuration works correctly, the two modems are connected to the router and the two lines work. In fact, if I try to disconnect the two cables alternately, the connection remains active on the other line.
Unfortunately, however, I have 3 problems.


Since the two internet lines have the same speed, I have set 1: 1 in load balance config, and I expect traffic to be routed at approximately 50% on both connections and instead seems to be active only wan 1, as is it can also see from the traffic detected by the asus application. Wan 1 works, while wan 2 appears to be completely dead.
How can I solve this problem?



I expect, even if the router is configured in load balance mode, that if one of the two connections fails, all traffic will be routed to the working connection. Instead, one day it happened that the line on wan 1 was absent, and this caused a total interruption of connectivity. The modem of wan 1 was on, connected and working, but the line (due to ISP problems) was absent. The router kept reporting wan1 connected and not going through wan2. Only when I physically disconnect the wan1 cable, then all traffic is resumed on 2. However it is not a very correct operation, it should realize by itself that one of the two wan is not working, without me having to intervene by disconnecting the cable manually.


As I said, I would like traffic to be split 50% across the two wans, but I also want some devices to be routed ONLY to one wan rather than another.
It seemed an easy operation: I activated the routing rules and entered the local ip of my devices as the source ip, I set "all" as the destination ip, and I selected wan 2, as you can see in the configuration:


The problem is that this configuration is TOTALLY IGNORED by the router. All four devices indicated continue to go out only and exclusively on wan 1.

Could someone please help me to resolve these issues?
Thank you.

Level 15
Did you try rebooting the router?

Yes, many times...

Level 15
This guy set up on an older router without trouble. I hope ASUS can quickly resolve this if you are on latest firmware.

Level 15
I am having trouble with a specific app on my Android phone, so I borrowed my mother's iPhone and put my Revvl V+ 5G as a secondary WAN (failover mode) on the USB 2.0 port of my AXE16000. Those five menu options at the bottom are specifically for failover mode. (I see them when I set it up.)

"Monitoraggio de rete" are both left unchecked by default even in failover setting....