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GT-AXE 16000 High Ping

Level 7

Greetings to everyone,

I have an issue with my GT-AXE 16000. My connection is fiber 1gbit and in my ISP's router fritz box 5530 my ping is 5 when i speedtest.

With my Asus router the ping is 10. Is there any special configuration i need to make? Or a media converter will do the job? Now i have my fritz box as a mesh to my Asus router. 

Thanks for your help.


Level 12

Since I don't have a fiber connection, I can't really comment on what you see.  I assume you thing a ping of 10 is high but my system seem to show 15 quite often.  Maybe someone in your ISP's community would have some experience.

Of course, the path the ping is taking has much to do with how long it takes to make the return trip.  Right now, I am streaming music and the network ping on the Dashboard page is hovering around 25 ms.  I would expect Fiber to be cleaner but 10 doesn't seem unreasonable to me.  

Maximus Z790 Hero,
Intel i9-13900k
Intel AX411

Level 12

I looked up the FRITZ!Box 5530 and it is an ONT/Router combo.  How do you connect your fiber connection directly to the AXE16000?  It doesn't have a direct port for fiber connection.  Whatever you used in between could explain the extra 5 ms.

Exactly i am using Fritzbox now as a mesh to my 16000 since i can't figure how to convert my fiber to ethernet, one of my media converters doesn't seem to work so i have to do it like that. If there any other way to convert my fiber cable direct to ethernet without using the fritzbox as a mesh? My ISP didn't install me an ONT because they upgraded their equipment FRITZBOX with a direct fiber import. 

The problem is two-fold.  Does your internet service provider (ISP) allow you to replace your FRITZ!Box with the AXE16000?  You have to verify with them.  Second, you are trying to convert AON, GPON or XGS-PON to Ethernet, which is the function of the ONT.  (I know very little about Fiber to be honest).  The guys here may know a lot better from my experience with Frontier Communications Fiber discussions over there...

I stand corrected looks like the port on the FRITZ!Box is an SFP or SFP+ port.  You are right a media converter may be in order, but your ISP may prefer you use their equipment.