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GT AXE 16000 Fios TV issue

Level 7

Hello all. Does anyone have experience with the new fios tv streaming boxes? I have my AXE 16000 connected directly to the ONT, Lan out to the Fios CR1000b router (bridge mode) for the tv to work. Issue is every 3 days or so the tv will just stop working. I have to connect the fios router directly to the ONT to get the tv back, then can immediately connect the AXE back to ONT and tv will work again for a few days. No idea why this is happening. I certainly don't want the fios router in front handling all the network traffic. Any help would be appreciated. 


Level 15

It seems you need a third router to go between yours and the FIOS.  Do you have this setup?

So the older Fios equipment use to work like that. From what I’m reading the new equipment doesn’t work the same. Here is a thread I found for reference. Was hoping maybe someone from the community of my router has found a way.

That's a very new router that FiOS is distributing, (AXE, but you need to turn on 6 GHz manually).  It has dual 10 Gb Ethernet ports...

Do you use Coax at all?  I mean I just paged through the 100+ pp manual and it seems to imply you connect both Coax and Ethernet to the CR1000B.

Yes coax and Ethernet are connected to the Fios router. 

Level 13

A quick question, please, do you know of any requirements to verify a MAC address in your router settings during the Bypass process?

Maximus Z790 Hero,
Intel i9-13900k
Intel BE200

I’m not sure of any requirements. I do know how to find my MAC address if that’s what you’re asking. 

I am just wondering if the system is checking for continuity and when it isn't found, say after 3 days, it shuts down the system.

You might try entering that MAC address in the ASUS router in the WAN page in Special Requirements from ISP.   And maybe just go from the ONT to the router.  If it works, whether you leave it that way is up to you.

Maximus Z790 Hero,
Intel i9-13900k
Intel BE200

I believe it must be checking for something as well. 
I was just on the phone with higher tier tech support at Verizon. He convinced me to put the Verizon router first and then put my Asus AXE in the DMZ. 
he said even tho the AXE is in the DMZ of the Fios router, it should still be safe since the AXE has its own firewall. 
Is that true? If so that should solve my problem because my consoles no longer have double NAT with this. 

Sounds like you've found a solution.  The AXE16000 has security when set as a router.  If set as an Access Point the FiOS router would be "responsible" but DMZ leaves it unprotected I believe.