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gt ax6000 slow wifi speeds

Level 7

Hello,  I am having a really hard time with my new Asus gt ax6000. My old mesh node died so i decide to buy the ax6000 and turn my old ax88u into node. 

I setup everything and when i speedtest i was only receiving about 400-550, so i searched the forums and tried some config settings. After that my speed became max 100mbs, so i changed it all back and stayed at 100mbps tops. The setting i played with was bandwidth, channels, agile, no mu mimo, no beamforming etc. 

Decided the factory reset and start again.  Now I'm receiving 600-700mbps, better than before but still not up to par. thought of changing 1 setting a time and try again, first setting changed no beam forming.  BOOM down to 80-100mbps, this makes no sense so i changed back speed stays the same.

I am at the point now where i think this router is a dud because how can 1 setting destroy my wireless speeds even when set back. 

Some info as to why i am soo confused. i have 1.5gbs isp service, the router internal speed test gets 1.6-1.8gbps. My node is hardwired and i have a computer hardwired which receiving max 1gbps because port limitation on ax88u. When i am downstairs testing wireless from my phone on node i received 800-880mbps, same phone upstairs on new router 100mbs.  I am so confused i have a s21 which is wifi 6 and speeds are better on my old ax88u standing same distances? i honestly thought with the 2.5gbs port and receiving full service i would be able to get something over 1gbs at least. 

Any suggestion and help is much appreciated I'm at the point i might return because this honestly seems like its a dud router.


Level 7

try only disabling universal Beamforming, roaming and select channel manually 

Level 12

1.  Firmware, did you update it, (for both to the latest)?

2.  Try enabling the 160 MHz bandwidth check box. (5 GHz frequency option).