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GT-AX6000 randomly reboot when using port trigger

Level 7

my new bought router rebooting every 10-30 mins when im turning on port trigger feature.
i tried to hard reset, and update to the lastest firmware on the website. it still not helping.
router seem to work fine when not using port trigger, but i do need to use this feature for my device.
my old AX88U can use this freture with out anyproblem. please look into it.


Level 14

Hard reset after the firmware update I hope?

i did both factory reset from website and hard reset on the hardware. nothing helps
even using asus merlin firmware still not fixing it. i also returned it and have another one and still have the same problem.
i might have to turn back to AX88U until the problem is fix.

Level 14

On ASUSwrt (Web GUI) under:

Advanced Settings -> Administration -> Feedback (tab)

Send as detailed feedback as possible.  It will record a detailed log and hopefully their technicians can find the problem.  I would also suggest contacting them directly by phone or the MyASUS mobile app.  The GT-AX6000 has been on sale for a long time and should not have this instability…