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GT-AX6000 lost lan and wifi after portstatus diagnose with the Asus Router app.

Level 9

Today i flashed the router to firmware _22525, when i start the Asus Router app and go to portstatus and then press diagnost after finish the router will lost LAN and WIFI and the internet connection doesnt come back, i have to manually reboot the router to get the internet connection LAN and WIFI back.

Asus Router v100752

My router settings are:

Wireless router mode / AiMesh router mode (default)
WAN connection type - Automatic IP

Aura RGB - OFF
DDNS via app enabled to connect to router from outside the network.
LAN IP address set to
IPTV internet manually VID set to 300
AIprotection - ON
Qos - ON
DHCP server - Manually assigned IP set to ON with a fixed IP address for the pc.
Gear Accelerator - ON set to pc IP address
Port forwarding set to ON 3 games.


Level 9
Sending feedback to Asus in the app and i get this back from them:

Dear Valued Customer,

Thanks for sending us feedback! To improve user experience on ASUS router, we would like to provide a piece of extra and important information related to Parental Control/Family features. Based on our back-end stats and user feedback, settings on your devices might have impact on services related to network and scheduler management. If you encounter issues when using these services, please help to check the following configurations firstly.

If your devices are running operating system later than iOS 14 or Android 10, please check your MAC randomization settings. Enable MAC randomization might lead to certain services not working as expected. For more details, please check this FAQ

If you have encountered issues with Time Scheduler (Parental Control/Family), Wi-Fi Scheduler, and Reboot Scheduler, please check your routerÃÃâ€*’¢â‚¬â„¢s system date, time, and time zone. If it doesn't show the correct information, follow the steps below to change manually. The above features might not work as configured if the system time is incorrect.

Navigate to Web GUI ( and login

Check your System Time at Advanced Settings -> System Log -> General Log -> System Time

If your system time is incorrect, please check your time zone settings at Advanced Settings -> Administration-> System-> Time Zone. You can change it if it is not in the correct time zone.

Dear Asus

My problem is with the portstatus when i press diagnose in the app, the internet connection is lost and doesnt come back i have to reboot the router.

I have the Asus router app also installed on my samsung tablet with adroid 8.1 and when i press on diagnose the internet connection is also lost and doesnt come back, i have to reboot the router.
(Parental Control/Family), Wi-Fi Scheduler, and Reboot Scheduler i dont use them and are set to off.
System time is correct.

Level 9

I did test this problem again, i started clean, i uninstalled the app and factory reset the router.

i am on fiber optic connection.

I started the webbrowser and going in the router setup only set automatic IP, ISP internet VID 300 and wifi 2.4G and 5G and router password the rest of the settings are on default.

Then i installed the router app all settings on default then i pressed on diagnose and the internet connection from the router is lost and doesnt come back, i have to reboot the router to get the internet connnection back.

The internet connection from the router doesnt come back on LAN and WIFI. This is the BUG.