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GT-AX11000 with the RT-AX56U Node replace with RT-AX92U

Level 7
Hi there. As the title suggests, I have a GT-AX11000 main router with a node. I'm not happy with the performance of the RT-AX56U and I'm thinking of replacing it the RT-AX92U tri band router.

I currently am using a wired ethernet backhaul.

If I get the RT-AX92U, are there any limitations? Will I lose my AX band? I'm reading I will and I may not depending on if my device has a wired ethernet backhaul. Does anyone know the answer?

Level 13
You won't lose the AX capability. The AX92U, like the AX11000 has the same radios. I am running one as a Media Bridge since I can't do an Ethernet Backhaul and I am using an AXE11000 which only has one 5 GHz and one 6 GHz radio along with the 2.4 GHz radio..

A wired Ethernet backhaul is usually a good way to go but both the AX11000 and AX92U can use one of the 5 GHz radios for that. The AX wireless speeds are higher than the 1 Gbps Ethernet connection. Since I don't have that exact configuration, I cannot tell you if the 160 MHz bandwidth is available on both 5 GHz radios..
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Thanks so much! Appreciated.