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GT-AX11000 Serving not correct 3rd Octet IP Address

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Just purchased this router, everything seemed fine until I tried to connect my work laptop to Wi-Fi. Was able to connect, but no internet. After I call with a colleague, we noticed that the IP Address had a different 3rd Octet than what was configured.  I even tried hard wiring the work laptop to the router. Still the thing.

I read about rogue DHCP servers, but I just installed this router. Don't think that is the issue.

I did a factory reset, downgraded, upgraded the firmware, etc. What confuses me is that my personal desktop can still connect with a correct address having the correct 3rd Octet. 

I did just move to voice over IP and reached out to my provider. I am told that your router controls via the DCHP controls what IP addresses are provided to connecting devices. The Cable/Voice modem cannot override the IP address that the router would serve up.

I have an escalated ticket in with ASUS but I just cannot wait 24/48 hours. I cannot work without having that laptop connected to the internet.

So, I am reaching out to the community for any thoughts. 

BTW, this is my second GT-AX11000 router and does not work. I have to use to logon to the router.

Regards, Dean.


OK... I am at my wits end. My IPS technician came out and we swapped the CAT8 cables back to CAT6... and used the IPS Router. Everything came back up and I was able to work yesterday and today. So, now that I think I have this solved. I swapped out the IPS Router for GT-AX11000.

I only connected the IPS cable modem and desktop. Was able to (after a number of reboots and a hard rest) get the internet up and running. Then I disconnected my desktop, connected the router to an unmanaged switch and connected my desktop to that. No issue. Check my android and got a good IP address. Then checked my work computer and, again, a valid IP address

So, the I notice my Ring Doorbell camera was connected, at least that is what the network map said. So, I tired my blink at least a dozen times, couldn't get it connected. Maybe, the sync module went bad. I thought I will check later.

Then booted up my NAS drives.  I do not have the DCHP packages installed.  Static IP addresses assigned and connected. Then I noticed that the Phone Link could not get to my Android. Check my Android and the IP address is now, even though the router says the Android is still connected to Huh? So, I shutdown the NAS Drives. Turned off WiFl on Android and turned it back on. Still gets an IP address of WTF.

Rebooted my HP Printer, which is connected to same unmanaged switch. But does not seemed to be connected to the network. So I try a test print, guess what IP address is was assigned WTF.

So, with the NAS Drives off, even though DCHP packages were never installed. I don't know what the problem is.

I did disconnect the laptop from the work VPN, then the router, then reconnected.... and was able to VPN into work with a valid IP address.

Any ideas?


It's funny, I switched to the 5g, the router shows I disconnected and reconnected with a valid IP address. But when I look at the Android, I see that it tells me that I have a Then when I switch back to 2.4, the router shows that I have a valid IP address, but the Android says my IP address is 


It would be helpful to verify you made the connections between modem, router, and switch first of all?  Modem Ethernet should go to the router WAN port, or 2.5 Gbps port (running as a WAN port).  Switch should be connected from router LAN port or router 2.5 Gbps port (running as a LAN port).  I hope you did not run an Ethernet cable from the modem to the switch directly?

Level 10

@dehinson wrote:

The Cable/Voice modem cannot override the IP address that the router would serve up.


Is the cable/voice modem also DHCP giving out IP's?

your AX11000 is 192.168.50.x and work lappy is 192.168.1.x ?

Level 14

I'm about 90% certain at this point that one of the devices on your network may be unexpectedly acting as a DHCP server, if you don't have any VLANs or guest networks configured on the AX11000.  The way to confirm it is to look at the routing table on (if isn't working for some reason, use  That's the "System Log" on the left of the GUI, then the "Routing Table" tab, if you prefer to click your way there.

You should get something like this (public addresses redacted, and there will be a long IPv6 routing table below this IPv4 table if you have IPv6 enabled):

Destination     Gateway         Genmask         Flags    Metric Ref    Use Type Iface
default         isp.gateway         UG       0      0        0 WAN0 ppp0
isp.gateway     *      UH       0      0        0 WAN0 ppp0     *          U        0      0        0 MAN0 eth0    *        U        0      0        0 LAN  br0
dns.server.1    isp.gateway UGH      1      0        0 WAN0 ppp0
dns.server.2    isp.gateway UGH      1      0        0 WAN0 ppp0       *            U        0      0        0 LAN  br0

The above is for a PPPoE connection, other connection types will look a little different.  isp.gateway and the 2 dns.server addresses would normally be numeric addresses, I just redacted them.

If you don't have an entry in the routing table for any destinations in the 192.168.x.x range other than, and particularly not an entry for, then those addresses are almost certainly coming from a rogue DHCP server.  If you do see there, then there's something in your GT-AX11000's config that we need to find (probably related to guest networks, VLANs, VPNs, or something like that).

Well I finally determined the issue.

I guess my Homer moment of the month. I forgot that the home security system was connected. However, when I called to ask what port on the security base unit, I was told 'LAN' and NOT Broad Band. Well, after I realized this, I disconnected the security base unit.... and Wala, no rogue ISP addresses. 

Than later has a virtual support call with the security system and we figured out that the connection should be Broad Band. I am tapping up the LAN port so I don't make that mistake again.

So, Thank you for your input and I apologize for my stupidity.

Life is good now and I am in my happy place. 🙂