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GT-AX11000 Pro and Auroa Aone Hub not working

Level 7

I have a very random issue that's driving me mad. I have an automated lighting system that requires the Auroa Aone hub. This hub must be plugged into the network. It worked fine on my previous router, but with the new GT-AX11000 Pro it will not work. Plugging it in, it struggles to find the device and assign it an IP. Rebooting the hub many times, it does eventually find the device and assign an IP, but in doing so, the router will randomly reboot.

What makes it even stranger. If I plug the hub into a switch which is connected directly to the router it connects and work fine. The only thing I can think of is, the router does not like the hub being 100mb and plugging it into the switch, the switch does this “downgrade”, but the router will still see a Gb connection to the switch.

I have not seen anything like this before and not sure where to start looking in the router to try and fix it. Does anyone have any bright ideas what could be wrong?