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GT-AX11000 Pro AIMesh Companion

Level 7
I currently have an AX11000 Pro that works great except at the opposite upstairs corner of the house where the 5Ghz gets sketchy(stupid floors and walls). I have a wired backhaul in that area where I can put in another router for an AIMesh system to cover that area.

I have two questions.

1. Is the Asus AIMesh functional? I previously had Google Mesh and it was awful; I had to reboot the system daily. The new AX11000 Pro has been awesome except for that one area of the house.

2. If the AIMesh does indeed work well, what companion router should I get? Another AX11000? I'm not opposed to it but it's pricey so if there is a cheaper alternative without sacrificing capabilities, I'd like to go that route.

Level 12
I use AiMesh with wired backhaul and for the most part it is great. *I don’t have the same model as you but one more router to cover the weak part sounds like a great idea.

The choice really depends on you and which port is open to use:

If you will plug into the 2.5 Gbps port you can get a RT-AX86U.
If your 10 Gbps port is open and you have decent Ethernet cable you can get another AX11000 Pro and run 10Gbps backhaul.
If just a 1 Gbps port is open then almost any AiMesh capable router or even extender may suffice.

Level 7

i have the pro...with  zen wifi xt 8 works great for me every corner big house 3 floors