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Level 7
Hi Folks,

The GT-AX11000 specifications reference support of the OpenVPN CLIENT (OPENVPN CLIENT). However, I can't find anything in the GUI or the manual to set it up. I see OpenVPN SERVER and others, but nothing for the OpenVPN CLIENT.

Anyone have any feedback?

Thanks in advance

Level 8
Asus should really make a sticky on this subject! It took me hours to find it originally on my GT-AC5300 when I first set it up. I know that the GT-AX11000 is a different animal but the GUI and menus should be somewhat similar. For the GT-AC5300 open vpn is actually under VPN Fusion. Click VPN Fusion Tab and then click + next to Server List and then the pop up will have a tab for Open VPN. Remember to click upload for your .0vpn file before clicking ok for the setup of your client to work properly. I hope this helps, cheers.

I agree! Better yet they could update their manual for the GT-AX11000 to reflect how to use a feature they advertise as being there.

In the GUI under VPN Server there is reference to OpenVPN (Server) but yes, to your point, it is only when I drill into VPN Fusion -> Add Server (+) do I see anything about OpenVPN where I can set the account info and import an OVPN file.

NOT intuitive and NOT documented in their manual.

THANK YOU for your response! I'll try it and let you know how it goes.