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GT-AX11000 New Firmware Release Version

Level 7
New firmware released:

1. AiMesh 2.0 - System optimization: one click in AiMesh to optimize the topology - System Ethernet backhaul mode, all nodes will only connect by ethernet, all bands will be released for wireless clients. - System factory default and reboot. - Client device reconnect, make the device to offline and online again. - Client device binding to specific AP. - Guest WiFi on all Mesh nodes (all node need to upgrade to firmware) - Access nodes USB application. Connection priority and Ethernet backhaul mode introduction How to setup ASUS AiMesh or ZenWiFi Mesh Ethernet backhaul under different conditions

*2. New Family interface in ASUS router App. ASUS Router App for iOS must greater or equal to iOS v1. Android version greater or equal to v1.

*3. The unit of the WiFi time scheduler goes to 1 minute.

*4. Support IPSec IKE v1 and IKE v2, and you can use the Windows 10 native VPN client program to connect to the router's IPSec VPN server. The Windows 10 new FAQ is in

*5. 2.4 and 5G on the network map could be configured in the same tab.

*6. Captcha for login can be disabled in administration -> system.

*7. Printer server port can be disabled on the USB app page.

*8. Clients which connect to the guest network can be viewed in the network map -->view list --> interface

*9. Fix Lets encrypt not working properly. 10. Add IPTV supports for specific region.*

and i dont even use most of the feature on this router , only the basic ones, the only thing i turned on is the QOS game mode then set my upload and download speed to like 85%

i also tried turning on everything on the traffic analyzer omg it makes the router so slow, is it just me or this flag ship model is just so weak, only the price is top tier

Level 10
update spoke to soon the "not mesh client, can't update it's ip" is back and i feel a little slugishness on browsing the net where if you click on a link of page its stalls like for 3 to 5secs before it loads, and also the wan connect and disconnect thing every now and then