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GT-AX11000 ISSUES Loses WIFI After Firmware Update

Level 7
This has happened multiple times with some of the frimware updates, I will lose WIFI connectivity. The device will either not reconnect or the device says it is connected without internet. I flashed Firmware version this morning and ran into this issue again.

I will have to see if I can check that. Hard since it fixes itself after 10-15 and during that time I cannot access anything. Also not home most of the time when it happens. Strange that your RAM is at 97% mine is at 62% and does not move. My CPU is at 2%-16%. Looking at the app on my phone.

Do you have Access from WAN enabled?  If so you can try to access the router login page or through the ASUS router app when this dropping happens.  If you are able to reach the login or access via the app, it may not be the WAN side after all…