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GT-AX11000 - issue with play-fi speakers / harmony / hue

Level 7
Hi, just got a rapture AX11000 . Work mostly well with the exception on the connection to playfi speakers / harmony / hue. After a few minutes the router is on, i can’t see *any of them on their mobile apps which render them useless... resetting the router would make them visible again ... but they just continue *disappearing after some time. I can ser all devices remain connected on the router, it just ceases to be visible to my phone or other devices i could use to control them. Tried all bios tweaks i could think off but nothing works. About to return the router.

Has anyone seems anything similar/ is there a way to solve this?

Level 9
Perhaps try turning off Airtime Fairness and see if that fixes the issues? Several replies on this page have people with various wireless devices having there issue, similar to yours, resolved when they turned it off.