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GT-AX11000 IPV6 Not Working.

Level 7
I Just installed my new but IPV6 does not seem to be working on firmware Anyone have a solution? I sent Asus a ticket regarding this issue.

Level 7
I am also failing on my GT-AX11000 running

Same here.
Chris Hensley

I sent an email to Asus saying that IPV6 was not working. They sent me an email with a link to a beta version firmware file. Version GT-AX11000_9.0.0.4_384_6156-g5ade871_cferom_ubi. I can confirm that my IPV6 is working now.

Here is the link they sent me.

Level 7
Normally modem or router uses IPV4 , those setings are automatically applied to the mdem from telephone line through Internet service provider.

But IPV6 is entirely different , we need compaytible modem or router and supported Internet service provider.
Get IPV6 settings from isp and apply manually to modem or router on in lan settings on computer
Intel i5 7200U_ Nvidia 940MX _Windows_11_Enterprise_64bit_22H2_buildno_22621.754

it turns out in Version update, for what ever reason, asus did some updates to the ipv6 platform, which directly impacted how the router chose to advertise the eth0 style ipv6 connection. it was a change on one line of code that directly impacted this, in favor of detection of a different flavor of IPV6 which caused to negate eth0 router advertisement for IPV6 wan gateway. They did this executive decision to multiple of their routers and then had to turn around a fix it, but it turns out that this router is behind the race on receiving the update, simply because junior dev's are distracted by other features, such as the Version where they "fixed the light behavior".

Level 7
this is strictly an ipv6 advertisement issue

Level 7
In this case the issue impacted IPV6 native style connection,, No this is not because you didnt get information from ISP, on "native" style connection the router collects this information from Modem via IMCPv6 query and is collecting this information every reboot, it is simply because the router advertisement feature for certain style "native" supported connections is broken.