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gt-ax11000 internet issues with reboots

Level 7
hi there all.. new to the forum and would appreciate any advice given to my problem.. I have owned a 5300 for some time now and had it hooked up as my main router off of my cable modem. never had any issues as far as internet drops that I couldn't fix with a simple reboot.. now that I have the ax11000 I have it as my main router and a ac88u and the 5300 under it in aimesh mode. when I do a factory reset on the 11000 and go through all the steps of setting it up and adding the two other routers in mesh mode everything works fine.. I do not have wifi6 enabled and not using vpn.. all I have changed is login, and some port forwarding for a few games with gameboost enabled.. its updated to the latest firmware as is the other two routers. now if I ever lose power or do a manual reboot the router will come back on.. I can log into it and see everything. it shows connected to the internet.. but any device whether it be connected by cable or wireless cannot connect to the internet.. in other words the router wont let anything through.. to fix this I have to do a factory reset and go through the entire resetup process again to get internet back... if I don't lose power or reboot it works fine.. but like I said if I reboot it or it accidently loses power all devices connected cannot connect to internet.. the router shows that they are connected and even shows them in the device list.. just no internet pass through on anything.. even phones show connected but no internet. is there a setting im missing? I also ticked the optimize for xbox for the wireless channels. tired of constantly having to resetup the router and nodes everytime I lose connections.. and I can unhook from the router straight to the modem from my main desktop and all is fine. rehook back up and no internet.. although the desktop will show connected with internet but cannot go anywhere on any browser.. I know this model is still not up to par on its firmware yet and it didn't do this until the last few firmware updates but ive only had it about 4 months. so anyone else with this type problem? again thanks for any advice.. never had this problem with the 5300.. thought I was getting the latest and greatest.. bit of a disappointment so far. because before I settle down for some modern warfare I always like to reboot the modem and router for a fresh connection but I cant do that now because ill spend the next hour resetting everything back up in the house. thanks again.

Level 7
You stated you use gameboost? Are you using WTFast in gameboost menu? In that case you are using a virtual private network , or as the call it GPN Gaming Private network. Try disabeling it and see if your router is still unstable. There seem to be many people with this problem - router not letting through any traffic- usin any type of VPN/VPNfusion..

try deleting RT AC5300 as your node and see how it goes, had the same problems recently, these 2 (AX11000 and AC5300) dont get along well.

Level 13
I would also suggest running the Router by itself to see how it behaves.

I have two RT-AC68U routers I have set up as access points but not in the aimesh configuration..

I do have Wi-Fi 6 set up since I have two systems with those Wi-Fi adapters.
Maximus Z790 Hero,
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Yes I am using gameboost but not the wtfast. If I remember correctly isn't gameboost just adaptive qos? And I made sure that I wasn't using any VPN or VPN fusion as I had read that was giving people alot of problems.i will try disabling the gameboost tonight when I get home and reboot and see what happens. And if problem still persists I will turn off the 5300 and see what happens. As of right now everything is working as it should. Just happens after I change anything on router or reboot or lose power. Will post with results from all suggestions later tonight when I get home. Thanks

problem solved but not sure why. lol.. here is what I did.. I initially thought that the firmware was buggy so I backdated the firmware to the 6436 version.. it did the same thing after uploading my config file.. so I reset again..put in my wireless name and password.

let it update to latest firmware and started changing settings one by one and rebooting to see if I still had internet coming through..

turned on ai protection and rebooted.. still had internet..

turned on gameboost without using wtfast and rebooted.. still had internet..

left port forwarding alone till I had everything else set..

did not change anything on vpn settings so basically left them turned off..

checked the box for xbox optimization on all three wireless channels and rebooted.. still had internet

turned on ipv6 and rebooted.. still had internet

added my ac88u and ac5300 as aimesh nodes and rebooted.. still had internet

finally went back to port forwarding and added all my games that I play on opennat and clicked apply and turned on port forwarding and rebooted.. aha!!!no internet..

turned off port forwarding under opennat and let it apply its settings without rebooting and internet came back through.. clicked apply on my game list which turned port forwarding back on and still had internet..

but if I reboot with port forwarding turned on I lose internet.. but I don't have to reboot to get it going again or do a master reset.. all I have to do is turn off the port forwarding and let it apply the settings and then click apply on my game list to turn port forwarding back on and im good to go.. no more running around adding everything for an hour and so on.. don't know if it this will work for anyone else but this is what it ended up being on mine..

now my question is why? running the 8011 firmware.. has to be a glitch in the software somewhere so if you engineers are reading this forum would love for you to chime in here.. thanks for all the advice and hope I helped someone down the line with what I found..

Open NAT game acceleration profiles seem to be tricky...Im not sure, but it says that it will open the ports, but also optimise the routing packages? I have also read on Asus webpages that the Open NAT game acceleration would help if your ISP for any reason has throttled a port you need? If that is the case, then i would guess the open NAT profiles also could include some kind of VPN connection. I dont see how they could bypass a throttled port from the ISP without VPN? By the way, this is me guessing along wildly 🙂

little bit of an update.. got home from work today and it started in again and this time couldn't get internet back on it even after reset.. sending it back and getting another ac5300. got it hooked back up and no problems.. really wanted it to work out but for what I paid I expected more.. and I don't have anything around here using the wifi 6 so im not really losing anything.. just saving some money.. lol.. well I tried.. thanks again...