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GT-AX11000 and multiple wan ipv4 addresses

Level 7
Hello and thanks for looking

I have reasonable knowledge of setting up a network, but im wondering if the router can do 3 ipv4 addresses over 1 FTTP connection?

Im using the router currently, i could go down the lines of putting a switch before the router and using 2 pcs connected with own old style dial in ipv4 connection direct to the switch and then use 1 pc and the wifi over the router then connected to the switch with a separate ipv4 address as well.
But i would prefer if the router is able to have 3 ipv4 addresses assigned to it and then all pcs connect with static ipv4 addresses via the router eliminating the need for the switch.
I know the edge router can do this amongst some other devices as well. I see the dual wan option on the router but that not really what i need now.

So i have a PPPOE connection for the internet and need 3 ipv4 addresses assigned to it, whether via 3 router behind a switch or 1 router with multiple ipv4 addresses assigned to it.