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GT-AX11000 2.5G connected to switch - List up switches that supports 2.5G ?

Level 7
I've been searching for 10G switches that would connect to AX11000 on its 2.5G port
So far I've had no luck with it 😕

Would be Great if members could post supported hardware (preferable switch) that would connect at 2.5G.

I have tested with BUFFALO BS-MP20 Series BS-MP2008 with no luck. Returned to shop.
I have cisco SG350XG-2F10 switch and been thinking if I could get sfp+ rj45 copper 10 gbit module that supports multigigabit.
Switch's sfp+ slot might need multigigabit support to have any luck with sfp+ module and multigigabit . No info about to be found
on net about this case. ->
cut&paste ->
"Aquantia’s solution delivers an active rate-adaptation technology that allows users to connect seamlessly twisted-pair copper-based 2.5G and 5G modules into SFP+ existing slots that were previously considered to be 10G fiber optic only— at a cost that can be easily absorbed. "
document from 2016. Nothing to be found on net about these sfp+ modules.

Have been looking at Netgear XS512EM/XS724EM. No CLI on these. Can't lock speed to 2.5G or 5G as I've found out.

And at last. Does it matter what mode one choose to configure this router ? I am using it as AP aimesh. With 4 nodes 1x AX88U and 3 x ac66u_b1
(wish asus was better at upgrading firmware - need to reboot every 1-2 days kids complaining wifi drops out after a reboot all is fine again)


Level 8
Netgear GS110EMX-100PES and Asus XG-U2008 10G Switch should work
Rules are made to be brake
Some Pics of my RIG

Level 7
I can verify that I have 2.5G connection to Netgear ProSAFE XS508M 10Gbit switch 🙂