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GT-6 2pack unstable

Level 8

Every. Single. Day. These 2 nodes that I added break my network. It just disconnects all clients and they all appear to reboot or resync. Sometimes all clients remain connected to network, but network loses Internet access. My #ax11000 and 2pack of #ax92u (#ax6100), worked fine with the exception of a dead zone or slow speed in one area of my home.

Figured the #GT-6 would be a great addition as going from a 3 point mesh to a 5 point mesh extends network and limits dead zones in between.

Somehow network is even more unstable. I'm running latest firmware. What's the problem Asus? Or anyone that knows more than I.

I work in IT and my tech less wife is pissing me off with her ridicule. Does anyone know what's going on with these as a mesh/what the problem may be?


Level 15

Which is the primary router, the AX11000?  Wireless backhaul?

AX11000 is primary. Wireless backhaul. Didn't LAN them up together via ethernet. It worked fine with just the AX6100s (with exception to the dead zones). Now that I've added better mesh points to help out, I get the blinking blue light on the GT6s and at times the AX6100s will drop from the topology as they lose connection or something.Screenshot_20240529_124243_ASUS Router.jpg

From the even distribution of clients looks like you have them nicely spaced.  Under Advanced Settings -> Administration -> Feedback (tab) I suggest you submit a Feedback to ASUS (with as much info/options you are willing to share).

Just tried. They said reset to factory settings lol. And if that doesn't work, upload logs for their review. Which is what I'll probably end up doing.

Can't wait till they come up with a firmware update that fixes it.