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GS-AX3000 firmware update

Level 7
Was wondering if there is any firmware updates coming or any access to beta ones.
There hasn't been any updates since 2021. AX5000 had several last year and RT-AX58U on which this router supposedly is based on has had one even this year. Doesn't Asus support this model anymore or whats the deal?

Level 7
I was literally coming on to ask the same question as its like this router has been forgotten about.

I know right.
This series doesn't even have open source code part uploaded on the support page like most other models have.
Kinda feel punished for liking ROG but not actually needing high speed one.

I returned my GS-AX3000 routers back to Amazon and bought the TUF AX-3000 V2 ones, they got updated at the start of this year. Got tired of the parental controls not working on the GS router.