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Getting packet loss in video game while downloading even if i have plenty bandwith le

Level 7
Hi! i have an asus GT-AC5300 and i experience 5-12% packet loss in csgo while downloading through steam or microsoft store.

I have tried both limiting only on the routers side with help of QOS where i prioritized game packets. It did slow down the download a bit but still packet loss in the same %

So next up i tried to disable QOS on the router and try client side. I limit the speed through steam to 10mb/s didnt help so next up i tried 7mb/s didnt help next up was 5mb/s didnt help still the same precentage of packet loss

If im not downloading im seing constant 0% packet loss. I have an 100/100 mbits fiber connection. And every time i to speedtest i always get 97 / 97 mbits or even 100 / 100. the ping while im not downloading is also 3 to 4 ms.

I should be able to download and have no packet loss if i have up to half of the bandwith available right?

Whats wrong here?.

Level 7
Changed router system time to correct and rebooted (i had already rebooted earlyer but that didnt help). I dont know if it just was that second reboot or the system time but i see no packet loss now. Hmmm;)