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Garage conversion with internet access

Level 7

Please can someone advise if I have understood this correctly. I would like to get internet access in a detached garage I plan to convert into an office in my garden. I have a Vodafone router connected to the internet, I want this in my house to carry on as usual and be wired/WiFi usage for all my "house" devices. I want to plug an ethernet cable into lan1 on my Vodafone router and send this cable outside along my house and down to my garage where it will plug into the lan1 port of an asus AX5400 that is set to access point mode.

Am I correct in thinking I can then connect to the Asus routers WiFi and 3 remaining ethernet points for my "garage" devices and it will just be happy and work this way?



Level 14

Give or take a bit of faffing around with configuration, yes, this can work as you describe.  You might get some advantage if both routers were ASUS, as you can then use AiMesh, but just using the second router in AP mode should work ok.  Max cable length 100m; cat 6 required for 1000BASE-T (1G), or 6A for 2.5G, and it should ideally be outdoor rated cable for outdoor use (standard cables might not like being out in the weather).  Properly installed cabling adheres to a minimum bend radius on corners, no sharp 90 degree bends.

Watch out for things like "double NAT" (avoid that, if possible), the IP addresses of the routers (they should both be on the same subnet, but only one of them can have the .1 address), multiple DHCP servers (generally avoid doing that).

That's assuming the Vodafone router doesn't do anything dumb.  The only things I know about Vodafone ISP is that they ran a formerly very good ISP (Demon) into the ground after a takeover, and gave some extremely poor responses and pathetic excuses to customers asking for IPv6 connectivity.

Level 7

Как вариант можно найти рядом стоящий дом, где есть проводной интернет. Если там проживает друг или родственник это будет преимуществом. Если же нет, то можно договориться с кем-то кто живет рядом. Устанавливайте там проводной Интернет, желательно по технологии GPON. И делаете мост. Wi-Fi мост — беспроводное соединение двух удалённых друг от друга точек для объединения подключённых устройств в одну локальную сеть. Используйте Google, чтобы понять как это сделать. Или обратитесь к местным интернет провайдерм.

Translated (I think by Google):

Alternatively, you can find a nearby house with wired internet. If a friend or relative lives there, that would be an advantage. If not, then you can negotiate with someone who lives nearby. Install wired Internet there, preferably using GPON technology. And make a bridge. Wi-Fi bridge - a wireless connection of two points remote from each other to combine connected devices into one local network. Use Google to find out how. Or contact your local ISP.