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Firmware auto updating, even with it toggled off?

Level 7
It appears my firmware updated yesterday morning at 2:00amcst on its own. Why would it auto-update even though I have it toggled off? The update process is absolute trash when running large mesh networks so I need to be involved when it happens. Is there an absolute way to avoid updates without me manually triggering them?

Level 12
You can check the log as to when the system checks for a firmware update. If you had it toggled on, you could set the time for it to do that. You might try turning it on, setting a different time and then place it back to off.

Having several Mesh nodes may effect its behavior although mine just flashes the bell if a Mesh node needs an update. I suppose there may be a limit how long an update can be available before it overrides your update selection.

I have my system disabled and it has not been doing auto-updates.
Maximus Z790 Hero,
Intel i9-13900k
Intel AX411

Level 13
One thing that I notice. Sometimes I see an available update even though I do have auto updates on. I assume the unit checks for updates periodically and hence notifies you (via a flashing bell) that an update is available. Have you confirmed the firmware version changed? Or is it just a "routine" check for available updates?