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Entware ntpd on Stock Firmware for GS-AX3000?

Level 9

Hello and thanks in advance for any help offered...

I have a GS-AX3000 running stock AsusWrt. I have managed to install/run some Entware utilities on the USB drive stuck in the router - especially tcpdump but also less, netstat, and I execute a script in /jffs/scripts via the nvram variable script_usbmount that mounts /opt on the root of the USB drive and enters a job in /var/spool/cron/crontabs/admin. I managed to find online references for doing all of this although it is a far cry from actually understanding all I am doing.

I would like very much to run a local ntp server on this router so I can completely disconnect some of my IOT devices from the internet by blocking internet access at the router level. When I do this now, those devices cannot get time sync'ed and that can be a problem.

I can see, using opkg list | grep ntpd, that there seems to be an "ntp suite" available that includes ntpd. And I wonder if I can use this somehow to accomplish what I want? I can see that Merlin offers this built-in but sadly there is no support for this model router in Merlin.

If this can possibly work and do what I want, I am not quite sure how to proceed, how to configure, and how/if I need to disable the built-in ntp client in the stock firmware. I have noticed in this thread that the OP ended up clearing the ntp servers from nvram using:

nvram set ntp_server0=""
nvram commit

And I see, using nvram getall | grep ntp, the following on my router:


So perhaps I will have to clear all of these?

Anyhow, I have never configured an ntp server and have no idea what to do for that or what is the best way to start the server. So any pointers are helpful. Thanks!







Level 13

I have trouble getting one out of two IoTs to work on Guest Networks.  Interesting idea/solution, maybe this?

Thanks. I will check that out. I was also told, over on the SNB forums, that Entware also implements chrony as an alternative to ntpd.

I have not tried using any guest networks here. I will consider that too. Cheers