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enabling ethernet backhaul mode destroying internet speed/latency? (GT-AXE16000)

Level 9
Hey Folks

Just received my two GT-AXE16000's and updated both to the latest firmware. Currently running them in a AI Mesh setup as you can see below. From the screenshot you can see that it detect's the second router/node and displays as it's connected via ethernet. However, if i go into "system settings" and enable "ethernet backhaul mode" all hell breaks loose and i go from 600-800 mbps download down to 20-70 mbps and coverage is super spotty constantly disconnecting.

Disabling "ethernet backhaul mode" brings everything back to normal and everything runs great? Super confused right now, but assuming since it's brand new its a bug?

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Level 15
Yes I noticed strange connections being made left in Auto mode, AXE16000 and AXE11000, (in my case with a couple of other small timers). The next day it settles with Ethernet, just takes a little patience.

Level 13
I originally set my system up using the 5.2 radio as Backhaul from an AX92U. Originally is was showing as Excellent in the connections ratings but now it is showing Weak and I have already rebooted the AX92U.

This may have happened after the last firmware upgrade so I will not reboot the AXE11600 and will advise if that helps.

Edit: Rebooting the AXE16000 got me back to a GREAT connection with the 5.2.

As far as Ethernet, backhaul that should be it normal state if connections are correct.
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We have Ethernet (2.5 G) backhaul setup from the AXE16000 to a pair of 8 port switches in a communication box in a closet). This distributes to most of the rooms in the house, so I plug in everything). I set the backhaul to Auto because I don't know which is faster, (1G to one node, 2.5 G to the other two nodes). The first several hours/maybe a day I checked the ASUS router app on my phone. I took A LOT of screenshots. Bear in mind all the while the nodes are wired. I know I did it correctly because even though I accidentally connected to the 1 G WAN port on the AXE11000 it eventually settled on using Ethernet backhaul on all the nodes after about 24 hours. I'm gonna try to attach some of the funny looking backhaul maps...

Eventually it settled on this map. I don't know exactly why it went through all those various combinations of wired/wireless backhauls but it did, in Auto mode.

I am assuming it is constantly measuring/comparing the speeds of wireless vs wired backhaul during the initial hours to see which is fastest...