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Could GS-AX3000 NOT be passing UDP to Internet?

Level 9

My GS-AX3000 is on and I know this is not up-to-date but I see no compelling reason to update and risk an otherwise working system at this time.

I have a large number of wifi-enabled thermometers that operate by sending UDP messages to an internet server containing the current temperature. At one point in time or another, each of the units I own have quit showing their current temperatures updated on the server.

I have captured packets on the router and can clearly see the internet-bound packets repeatedly occurring in Wireshark. But I have found that most time this happens, once I reboot the router things go back to "normal".

At this point, I cannot say if the issue is that the UDP is, in fact, sent to the internet OR if the router itself is failing for some reason to actually put them on the wire to my DSL modem. I am having very little luck in getting anywhere with the server-side folks. So I thought I would check here if there is any router issue/setting I must address?



Level 13

I’d say make a backup of your current settings, flash the 388 firmware, and see if luck would have the problem resolved.  If not or it creates new problems, flash back the current firmware and restore the settings.