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Cant setup WTFast subscription on GT-AXE16000

Level 9

When I go into Game Acceleration and click the Go link for WTFast I am sent to the website with the Try for Free button, then when I click it I am taken to a site saying I have no active subscription with another button for a free trial, after clicking that I get taken to a page asking me which monthly plan I'd like to buy. Something isn't right here, I've been in contact with Support and tried setting it up twice while on the phone with 2 different agents, both of which ultimately said they needed to escalate the same support ticket, then I got an email asking for screenshots showing that it wasn't working and telling me I needed to download the WTFast Utility program which I already downloaded and the two agents I spoke with knew I had. It's like nobody on the support staff is even reading the notes on the ticket. I'm starting to get frustrated with it, before I even called ASUS I tried to Google it an there were several posts from people who were having the same issue saying they felt like it was a scam of some sort. According to both ASUS and WTFasts websites the promotion is still active, so what gives? Anybody know how to get this thing working?


Level 7

I was having the same issue and tried contacting wtfast support, they never answered but the asus website now says the old router client is discontinued and the new ones only get a 3-day trial which is the same everyone else gets on wtfast support.

I sorry! I may have prompted that change on the website. I hounded both companies about it because nobody could explain why it wasn't working. Eventually WTFast was able to confirm that the 1 hour daily for life promo was discontinued when they began offering the 3 day trial and my response was that I fully understood that the promo clearly stated it was subject to change at their discretion which I didn't have a problem with, but making that drastic of a change without even changing their help article saying it was still active or saying anything about it anywhere on the internet is misleading and unexcusable.

After that conversation WTFast gifted me a full 30 days of use free of charge and then I got an email from ASUS directing me to the new instructions and apologizing, ASUS then gifted me an additional 30 days of WTFast.

After doing some research tho I don't know if I'm willing to risk it, several people online have claimed that WTFast got them banned from games. I mentioned this to them when they gave me the free 30 days...and this was their response. 


 So to me it seems like an acknowledgement that WTFast can trigger security concerns because of how it directs network traffic. I tried it with Destiny 2 and my first matchmaking activity did show a full fireteam before the match started, I saw 3 ships flying to a planet, but once the map loaded I was completely alone and no longer with a fireteam so I waited and when the other players didn't load I exited the match, shutdown the game, and stopped WTFast, I won't use it again unless I can get a confirmation that it is 100% safe to use. I'm not about to risk losing access to games I've played for nearly a decade.