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Can only use wireless with new router, no ethernet

Level 7
First of all, my router is an ASUS router, but not an ROG router. I couldn't find any ASUS support forums other than the ROG forums, so I'm posting here. My old LinkSys router started acting flakey, so I replaced it with an ASUS RT-AC68U. It seems like a decent router and should be an easy drop-in replacement for my LinkSys. That was wishful thinking. I've never had so much trouble replacing a router in my life. My network connection is Auto, with no settings from my ISP to set. Initial router setup detected that and took me straight into wireless network setup. I setup my 2.4 and 5GHz networks and I can connect the Internet through them with no issue. The problem is that I cannot connect via ethernet with any of my wired devices. My network is mostly wired, I only use wireless for devices that don't have an ethernet port. If it has a port, I use it. The problem is, now I can only access the Internet through iPads, iPhones, and one old laptop. That's all I have because my wired network isn't responding and I have no idea why. I have all of my ethernet ports going back to a 24 port switch, which is then connected to my router. I'm showing activity on the router ethernet port that my switch is connected to and I'm showing activity on the various ports on my switch, but I can't hit anything on the Internet with any device. There really isn't much else to my network. It isn't all that complicated and is pretty fool proof. A new router should pretty much be a drop-in swap, but something isn't going right with this ASUS router and I have no idea what it may be.

Does anyone have any ideas?

Level 7
OK, I think I pulled a newbie move. When I said I couldn't connect via any wired devices, it looks like it was actually just computers, not all wired devices. When I noticed my grandkids watching something on Netflix, which comes through a wired Roku device, I start wondering how that had Internet. Then it wound up that it was only the desktops that didn't have Internet. A quick reboot of each device and they're all communicating with the Internet normally again. For some reason the desktops all require a reboot, but none of the stand-alone devices do.

Anyway, I'm good again. Thanks.

Level 13
Try using fixed IP for your computer and see if it help.

Level 7
I have seen where some wired LAN devices don't behave properly on the network until they are rebooted when the network has changed beneath them. Especially if the subnet changed (i.e. old router used and new router used I have an older HP printer on my network that anytime the router reboots, then the hostname of the printer is lost until the printer reboots. The fix for that was to assign an IP to the printer in the DHCP server and defining the printer hostname there as well.


1. Switch was left ON
2. Computers connected to switch were left on

So yes along @mustangtom the IP was not in the correct range as it was assigned by the old router as I noticed ASUS assigns 192.168.50.zzz. If the xxx doesn't match 50 the router won't service it because it is out of range.

Best to turn off all devices before swapping a router and then turn them on again after the swap. (This should be in the instruction manual and/or quick start guide). Then the router will assign the proper IP, as well as correct default gateway.

There was a workaround where you go to Windows cmd window and type ipconfig /release and then ipconfig /renew .

The newer way is part of troubleshooting Windows Update but I'm afraid I forgot the specific commands...