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Can I connect my google Wi-Fi points to my Asus Rog Tri-Band router as a mesh system?

Level 7

Hello. I’ve tried to add the google Wi-Fi points to my Asus network by using the app but it never picks up the Wi-Fi point so I tried doing it on google home app & it picked it up but it tells me to hook it up to the modem via Ethernet & I can’t do that cause the modem is already connected to the Asus router. I tried connecting the google Wi-Fi point to an Ethernet port on the router but it says “connection failed” Is there any workaround to this or are the google Wi-Fi points just not supported by Asus?


Level 15

From searching it should work, but I have not yet determined why it is telling you that "connection failed".  Is your ASUS DHCP set to assign IPs?

It may not Mesh with ASUS, but should Mesh among themselves, Google with Google...

Level 9

A trick I discovered would be disconnecting your ASUS router and setting up the Google Mesh using only their points. Once set up unplug the main point only and plug in the ASUS router. The other Google points should connect to it. They don't show up as a mesh, but looking at my Google Home they show a great connection and are helping to spread the WiFi through the house.

Good luck.