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Buggy Traditional QOS on GT-AC5300

Level 7
Hello all,
It seems that traditional qos is kinda buggy, i was able to limit the upload speed for different priority users, but no matter what i do, the download speed keeps setting itself to the Low Priority value no matter the user is. Real life example: i have two device on my network, qos is traditional. highest download speed is set to 100%, low speed is 50%, lowest is 20%. one client is given highest priority the other is given the lowest. theoretically the first device should download with the max speed, the second device should have a max download speed of 20%. But what is actually happening is that both device are downloading with the same speed, 50%, which is the value of the Low priority.

Can someone replicate this bug?
Im trying to figure out if its a hardware issue or a firmware issue.

Oh and after the last firmware update everytime i reboot the router, the qos settings are lost 😞

Level 7
We have so many issues with this router of many sources.

This firmware (or probably the hardware too at this point) seems broken, and looks like quite difficult to Asus to stabilize. Or also, Asus's quality control is getting even worse than what it was.

more than 50% of this router's options and capabilities are broken, or fail miserably for many of us.

Sorry dude, we made a really bad choice buying this guy.

Im sadly realising this:(
I wish the support doesn't always suggests resetting the factory settings