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Bug GT-AX11000 2.5G Led is active while it should be off

Level 7
Really annoying issue, got my AX11000 as a mesh node (Primary is a ZenWifi Pro ET12) - those two are connected via 2.5G ethernet backhaul and lights on both are off.

After automatic restart every other light goes on and off again, but the 2.5G indicator keeps blinking (have to go into the routers settings and enable+disable all lights to get it to turn off again)

The issue is, i have to restart Main+Node daily, cause my AX11000 WiFi gets wonky if i dont (if i let it run for 2+ days random connection issue, band issue and so forth happen) usually lasts ~24h just fine so daily restart it is (which happens at night) and the light is really strong for a little indicator LED (flashes really fast as well)

I reported this bug already few months ago via the Report Tool in my ET12 -> nothing happened so far, is that issue really that hard to fix?

Another annoying Issue: if i connect a USB-HDD to my AX11000 while its in Mesh-Node mode, the USB-HDD never goes to sleep and there seems no way to enable sleep mode.

Level 14
There’s a trick people use when the Tire Pressure Monitoring System in cars shows an error because a sensor battery has gone bad, and the owner doesn’t want to spend money to replace it. *They use electrical (black) tape to cover the light. *I know it’s not what you paid $$$ money for but instead of the hassle you are going through, as a temporary fix.

Can’t really help with the USB sleep mode…*