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Best setup and port forwardings....

Level 10
Have an RT-AC5300 and a GT-AX11000

Internet,router 1,main gaming PC in 1 room.
A cable goes from router 1 downstairs to router 2
router 2 supplies a TV,gaming pc 2,working from home pc,various phones and VR HMD

I'm thinking upstairs RT-AC5300,gaming pc 1 goes into the gaming port.
patch cable from RT goes downstairs to the GT-AX11000

Looking in the GT I see various options for port fowarding with limits on both.
WAN limit is 64 open NAT limit is 32
on the WAN you can specify multiple ports on 1 line/entry
do these count towards the limit or is the limit a per line limit?

why choose 1 over the other,wan or open nat?


Level 10
Let me elaborate a bit more.

Want total control upstairs,no wifi.
Total control downstairs,wifi6

RT up top,AX down but into which lan socket on the AX do I put the cable from the RT and what mode to use?

Want the AX to be its own boss,pass out IP's etc and use wifi6
Need to be able to enter it's UI

RT upstairs needs to be the king,especially for gaming,cat7 to my gaming pc
then it just needs to pass/share the internet downstairs through a lan cable


Advanced/LAN option in RT
Set IP/dns as desired
DHCP Server tab
Down the bottom,Manually assign IP's
Gave the AX next IP,my pc next after that

LAN cable from RT went into WAN port,pc into gaming port.
Router mode is chosen in the AX,Automatic IP.
Advanced/LAN,different IP network as desired.
Wifi configured