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Set up network drive

Set up network driveI’m trying to do something that should be rather simple but it’s the first time I’m trying it and nothing is working. I have two Desktop computers on my network , And all I wanna do is set up a simple network drive connected to my...

scotsue by Level 7
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Best ASUS router for gaming

Hello.I am looking to replace my current router with a router that is made for gaming. *We have two Xbox ones [will get the new Xbox when I can find them] hardwired to the current router using cat5e cables. *Unfortunately, the router and cable modem ...

GT-AX11000 disconnecting devices from the internet daily

I am having an issue with my router where it appears to be deauthorizing all the devices on my network at least once per day, and thus causing a loss of connection for a few minutes. I have updated the routers firmware, replaced my cable modem to rul...

ROGBEAR by Level 7
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TEST gane entry in Game Radar

I scrolled all the way to the right on the Game Radar list and found a TEST entry with a broken graphic image. When i select it, the ping radar image only shows a shingle site in Russia.Anyone else? Hopefully this is just some sloppy coding.EDIT: A...

Transfer settings from AC5300 to AX11000

Hey guysI have has the Asus AC5300 router for a while now. Just received the AX11000 and I had backed up the settings from AC5300 and was wondering if I could upload the settings to AX11000?So far the only problem I had setting up the AX11000 was the...

qUAanA by Level 10
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AiMesh Route Through Router LAG Connection Issues

Hello all --I searched the forum and have not found a similar topic. Here is my issues:I have a 2 node AiMesh network setup using an ethernet backhaul:Asus GT-AC5300 ==== Unraid NAS (6.9.3)| TP - Link SG1024DE Switch| ------------------------->Blue...

GT-AXE11000 - thoughts?

helloI'm considering buying a GT-AXE11000, I have seen many people complain about it but that's awhile ago, so assume everything is fixed?I'm mostly interested in its advanced routing & vpn features, are they any good? does it have a killswitch to pr...