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Make Future Router Feature Suggestions Here!

Hi all,ASUS ROG is requesting our best suggestions for ROG product improvements. As a moderator I won’t have the ability to implement your suggestions but I will be picking some of the best to highlight for the ROG team so they know what matters to u...

xeromist by Moderator
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Wifi 6E not working through AIMesh - GT - GT-AXE11000 and ET8

I have an AXE11000 as my router, and two ET8s as the satellites. They are connected via ethernet cables, and I've set up the backhaul to be ethernet. I have a Wifi 6E turned on as a separately named band on the router.If I connect through the router,...

bigfire by Level 8
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AXE11000: VPN settings

Figuring out how to set up VPN on my AXE11000 has been a daunting challenge to say the least: either there is no documentation, or whatever documentation there is is just ... horrible! And that not in the least due to the extremely ... approximate En...

AX88U (pro) not maxing out Wifi when transferring from HDD

Hi,I have a weird situation of which I cannot make any sense.I have a USB drive (with Samba share) plugged into the router and a NAS connected via 2,5GB LAN (but it's also reproducible with GBit-LAN).When I connect my laptop to the switch via cable, ...

MIng72 by Level 7
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installed new X670-P WIFI mobo, nothing happens

I just finished connecting everything on my ASUS PRIME X670-P WIFI mother board. The power LED is lit on the front panel, but when I push it, nothing happens. I rechecked to make sure the power on button is connected to the correct pins on the mobo a...

lolit6 by Level 7
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Router getting max 500mbps DL speed

I have a TUF-AX5400. I have 1 gig internet.  line is good, modem is good.  Speed test is capped at 400mbps.  If I do a direct connection to the modem I get 1 gig.  Is there a setting in the router I am missing?

Mozer92 by Level 7
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GT-AXE16000 Instant Guard Works, on Firmware

I was at a local Domino's Pizza and they happen to have open WiFi there.  After reading terms and connecting, I decided to try Instant Guard, which I haven't tried in a while.  GT-AXE16000 is on firmware version, most recent to date...

jzchen by Level 15
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Could GS-AX3000 NOT be passing UDP to Internet?

My GS-AX3000 is on and I know this is not up-to-date but I see no compelling reason to update and risk an otherwise working system at this time. I have a large number of wifi-enabled thermometers that operate by sending UDP messages...

dpwhite by Level 9
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RT-AC88U Impossible to update my Android devices thru Google Play

Hi,I have several Android devices and for all of them it's impossible to download the app updates thru Google play. I bypass currently this issue by using a VPN, but it's not very convenient...Close issue with my Nvidia shield when using Netflix...On...

Buneaux by Level 7
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GT-AX11000 Pro and Auroa Aone Hub not working

Hi,I have a very random issue that's driving me mad. I have an automated lighting system that requires the Auroa Aone hub. This hub must be plugged into the network. It worked fine on my previous router, but with the new GT-AX11000 Pro it will not wo... is not a valid IP address

Im kind for shocked that my Asus GT-AXE16000 dont' have the ability to do networking such as Vlan's. All my free ISP routers in the past could do this but not the top tair router from ASUS.I installed the Firmware Version: so that I c...

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