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Make Future Router Feature Suggestions Here!

Hi all,ASUS ROG is requesting our best suggestions for ROG product improvements. As a moderator I won’t have the ability to implement your suggestions but I will be picking some of the best to highlight for the ROG team so they know what matters to u...

xeromist by Moderator
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USB modems for Tmobile US?

Last time I tried this I bought two modems that should've worked (and did directly connected to a Windows PC) but they didn't when connected to a RT-AC86. Now I have a GT-AX11000 that I want a cellular backup on. What modems are good candidates for T...

BerMM by Level 7
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Unable to connect to the Parent AP. ZenWiFi Pro XT12

I have GT-AXE11000 working as the primary router. I also have ZenWiFi Pro XT12 connected to it as an AI Mesh Node. Everything worked perfectly for many months but recently ZenWiFi LED started to blink and when I login to it I can see "Unable to conne...

rython by Level 7
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Firmware auto updating, even with it toggled off?

It appears my firmware updated yesterday morning at 2:00amcst on its own. Why would it auto-update even though I have it toggled off? The update process is absolute trash when running large mesh networks so I need to be involved when it happens. Is t...

Chromecast "Smart TV" Causing GS-AX3000 to Reboot?

Had I not seen this happen more than once, I would have thought it mere coincidence. But after seeing it happen a few times, I am convinced it is NOT...I have a GS-AX3000 that has a Vizio, Chromecast Smart TV connected to it via ethernet. Normally it...

dpwhite by Level 8
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WiFi Binding Doesn't Work I'm Afraid, and in a Bad Way

I've built a pretty substantial ASUS AiMesh. It is set to automatically update at 2 am daily. Router* and nodes: AXE16000* (den), AXE11000, RT-AX86U, RP-AX56 (living room), RT-AC68U.I have two Feit Electric smart light dimmers connected. One is i...

jzchen by Level 12
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GT-AC2900 "event" RGB lighting stops working after a reboot

Hello again friends, I have a bit of a weird issue,I currently do an automatic reboot twice a week on my AC-2900. Most of the time the re boot happens absolutely fine, but some times when the reboot happens the "event" lighting mode fails to work. If...

PSYKOnz by Level 9
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VPN Fusion Kill Switch / RT-AX86U

HelloI noticed that VPN Fusion was just recently added with firmware update on RT-AX86UUse (not really relevant for the question):I have a use for it at my Raspberry PI and NordVPNMainly because the nordVPN works awfully on linux/pi (slow and can be ...

Neoony by Level 9
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Frontier 1G vs Spectrum 1G, Which to Choose?

Debating on which to choose. EarthLink does offer service at our address in San Dimas, CA, but if for example I add their $102/mo 1 G service to cart it notes Frontier provides the installation. Frontier (direct) is $75/mo. (Both Frontier and Eart...

jzchen by Level 12
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GT-AXE16000 issues

Hello fellow forum members.Anyone have a suggestion on how to get Download Master to work with torrents? Whenever I add one - the dialog box disappears and nothing happens. From what I have read in other posts online, it seems like Download Master is...

denn73 by Level 7
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Dsl ac88u- feature request

Hi guysI need to request a the Host-Unique support for DSL AC88U, because is requested to use in VDSL Vodafone in Italy. In AC68U this feature is already supported via request by other users, im asking if can be possible extend it also for the last m...