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GT-AX11000 issues with certain devices

I have a GT-AX11000, most of my wired and wireless devices connect properly (Xbox Series X, laptops, PCs, smart phones, security cameras, and tablets). I had to change some settings for all three bands to get my Xbox One and PS4 to connect wirelessly...

AX11000 random wifi loss.

For the last month I have been getting wifi signal loss randomly.I checked the firmware and it says it is the current one.I reset the router twice to get it to work.Does the router auto-update itself? It has been a very long time since I updated the...

ROG Rapture GT-AXE11000 issues

Hello,I recently purchased this router and i have a few issues was during initial setup the lan ports would not work but wifi worked fine, so after factory reset everything works fine. Second issue seems after a power loss the router act real buggy m...

rammo by Level 7
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Cannot connect to some devices over VPN

I have two Asus AX86U routers set up as AiMesh. I have configured OpenVPN and can successfully connect to my home network from outside. I can reach e.g. my NAS and other devices without any issues through the vpn tunnel.I also have a number of Reolin...

srudin by Level 7
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GT-AX11000 - All wifi disrupted.

Hello,Just attempted to upgrade to this router and it's behaving oddly. I have a separate dhcp server and a pihole running on the network. This all functioned just fine with my non-wifi wired router (a TPLink TL-R600VPN) and several wifi access point...

kylix_rd by Level 7
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AXE16000 and mobile hotspot error?

This is a question first, is there a problem at all? If it might be a problem, does anyone have any thoughts?I have two Dell laptops which exhibit this behavior. Two ASUS desktops do not seem have this problem.If you look at the network map and sho...

AX 11000 firmware

Just curious, I'm seeing a lot of devices getting 388 updates, yet the AX 11000 is still on 386 from back in July.It hasn't been abandoned has it?

AiMesh connects on 2.4GHz instead of 5GHz

Hi,I have 2 GT-AX11000 routers, 1 set up as a main router and another set up as AI Mesh Node. After the latest firmware upgrade, I notice AiMesh only connects on 2.4GHz band and the connection quality is always "Weak". I even got one of my routers re...