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Make Future Router Feature Suggestions Here!

Hi all,ASUS ROG is requesting our best suggestions for ROG product improvements. As a moderator I won’t have the ability to implement your suggestions but I will be picking some of the best to highlight for the ROG team so they know what matters to u...

xeromist by Moderator
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RT-AC88U hangs up when device changes IP

I had a strange problem with my RT-AC88U router. I had installed two new Tivo boxes on the wired network. When I later accessed the router, I noticed in the network map that both of them had static IP addresses assigned within the range of my...

Please post about ROG ROUTERS only

To help provide ROG forum members a better place to discuss and find answers easier, this section was created specifically for ROG routers. The ASUS support team will be a better option for any further questions you may have. To contact support for A...

MasterC by Community Admin
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VPN Fusion only works when it is not the default connection

Hi,I have a problem with the VPN fusion. It works perfectly to connect to my VPN-provider ( as long as I don't choose it as "default" in the VPN fusion. The problem is that I am running a collective and we have a LOT of new units coming ...

elmeric by Level 7
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ROG GT-AC5300 FW Upgrade 06-03-2018

GT-AC5300_3.0.0.4_384_21045-gb451ba1_cferom_ubi.wI upgraded the FW on my GT-AC5300 on Sunday 06-03-2018 in evening time, and this upgrade (GT-AC5300_3.0.0.4_384_21045-gb451ba1_cferom_ubi.w) crashed my router that was working perfectly before this upg...

blazer5 by Level 7
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RT-AC1900P and RT-AC88U Parental Time dont work

I have open several case for this problem. I got nothing but diff support person always give me same run around. I have enable Parental Time to block by kids using their device after 10PM - 7AM.On my RT-AC1900P with old firmware: RT_AC1900P_3004384...

5ghz band issue

Anyone have an issue where they have there one of their 5ghz bands becomes super slow.. For example my 5ghz-1 randomly will drop to super slow speeds even though my 5gh-2 and 2.4ghz channels seem to be operating at normal speeds. A reboot fixes it b...

GT-AC5300 Firmware Version: Still broken

Ok guys, I waited so ong for a new firmware release for this broken router, and here we go, a new firmware, and a new buggy broken mess as always.Here I'm posting some nice log of the last minute of my GT-AC5300When is Asus going to let us know what ...

A bit concerned about a log Im seeing

just wondering what this is, cause it seems odd that this AAE Service and Mastiff keep starting and stop over and over, even after I rebooted the router, this is just 2 cycles of this, it has apparently been doing this for at least a few hoursMay 28 ...

D_Luniz by Level 7
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