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AXE16000 WIFI6E fold4

Level 10

My Galaxy Fold4 does not see my wifi6E channel?

Settings problem? 


Level 10

Galaxy S21 plus also cannot see the wifi6E

Have you tried enabling Preferred Scanning Channels (PSC)?

It's enabled ye.

My unit cannot update to 388FW's so maybe that's the issue?

Inbuilt scanner doesn't see it also.

I remember that.  You were able to get Merlin in at one point right?  But it started complaining about low memory?

For Apple 6E I also needed to completely disable 802.11ax OFDMA/MU-MIMO.  Be sure to try that.

It shouldn't be 5 GHz conflict as far as I know UNII-4 is not available (yet)...

Can use any 386 version just not 1 single 388 version.

Whilst Merlins 386.8 works fine its well out of date.


At least wifi6E has started working.....but will check over settings to see what breaks it.

Level 10

Just changed channel back to auto from 53 and its now showing?

Wasn't previously showing on auto......

I also changed 5ghz1 channel so maybe there was a clash?

Level 10

It had disappeared this morning?

Rebooted and it came back......then disappeared again.....

It sounds like the channel is moving from a PSC to a non-PSC and then disappears from phone view.

Did you disable the OFDMA/MU-MIMO?

(Merlin has 3004.388).  Do you have time to try?  ASUS has newer Firmware Restoration version.  Maybe try to flash Merlin, then restore ASUS...

Ordered a refurbished one but will try that over this weekend.