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AXE16000 lag while live streaming

Level 7

Hello. I just recently switched to this router from a netgear nighthawk to take advantage of my new 2gig connection from Fios. Never had any issues with live streams lagging on my net gear and 1 gig. Is there anything I need to set/change on this AXE16000 to fix the lag issue? Not sure why this would be happening with double the bandwidth than I had before. Speed test from my PC show 2300+ both up and down. 


Level 15

I was wondering if you might possibly suspect that the lag/connection issue may have nothing to do with your end of the live stream?  Is it possible the other side is the issue?

No it’s definitely on our end because it was a co stream. The other person didn’t have any freezing issues. This has happened twice now with 2 different streams. One solo, one co stream. 

You might also make sure IPv6 is enabled.  There is a traffic analyzer, which some of us are testing right now.  It should show the real time bandwidth being used.  I have been using these routers for many years now, maybe I need to try a different brand to see if it makes any difference.

Are you using a VPN?

Maximus Z790 Hero,
Intel i9-13900k
Intel BE200

I have Cable Modem service in one location the download throughput is about 140 Mbps faster on (built in) router speed test than Fiber 1 G (symmetric).  That said Fiber speed test although both upload and download are around low 9xx the ping/latency was crazy low 3.xx ms with jitter of something like 0.3x .  With Cable it is maybe at best 3-4x that latency…

As far as I understand the higher the ping the greater the lag, the lower the ping, the less lag.

@Dyvurcz What are the pings shown in speed tests?

EDIT-  Attaching router speed test samples from GT-BE98 Pro on Cable Modem 1 Gbps service vs GT-AXE11000 on 1 Gbps fiber service.  We are comparing speed of electrons through copper wire vs speed of light through clear plastic (I assume because of flexibility vs glass).

Level 13

Is there any particular streaming service you may see these problems with?

You should not need it, but you might try turning on and adjusting the QoS technology to see if it makes any difference.

I also have some delay, usually very slight, and it may vary based on the quality of the media.  Once it starts, it seems to be consistent and the delay stays the same, so I would not think it was a buffer situation, but an out of sync situation.   I did not seem to have a problem prior to my new 4K TV, but of course I was not streaming 4K media.

Does your media go through a local video device prior to being presented?  Mine goes through an AVR, which I believe may be partially involved when it happens.

Maximus Z790 Hero,
Intel i9-13900k
Intel BE200