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AXE16000 and mobile hotspot error?

Level 13
This is a question first, is there a problem at all? If it might be a problem, does anyone have any thoughts?

I have two Dell laptops which exhibit this behavior. Two ASUS desktops do not seem have this problem.

If you look at the network map and show the clients, you can see transmit and receive speeds. As you can see in the Attachment, those speeds are normally around 2200 Mbps.

For some reason, using two different Dell laptops as Mobile hotspots, the Receive speed drops to 6 Mbps whenever the Mobile hotspot is enabled on the host system.

The Host systems show the speeds to be normal on their internet properties.

So, why would the AXE16000 be showing a 6 Mbps instead of the 2200 Mbps which the systems involve, show internally?

This situation may be involved with devices dropping connections when using Mobile Hotspots.

Thanks for reading.

Maximus Z790 Hero,
Intel i9-13900k
Intel BE200

Level 14
If you've got mobile hotspot enabled on a system, you're creating another Wifi network using the system as a Wifi AP? I could see that possibly reducing the Wifi performance for the same system being used as a normal Wifi client simultaneously, depending on the system's Wifi interface. Many of the ASUS motherboards have a relatively high spec 2x2 Wifi interface, so can possibly handle that situation better.

If you've got a working AXE16000 on a normal Internet connection, why do you simultaneously need a mobile hotspot? It's unclear exactly what you are doing that makes the hotspots a good or useful thing.

Level 14
Oh, and the RX rate dropping down on the ASUSWRT client list is normal when the link is idle. The rate changes based on activity.

Murph_9000 wrote:
Oh, and the RX rate dropping down on the ASUSWRT client list is normal when the link is idle. The rate changes based on activity.

The rate I am seeing is the same if it is being used or not. Mainly, because it is not the rate of the Hotspot, but the rate of the primary system to the Router,. As soon as the Hotspot, on a different Wi-Fi network, is disabled the rate returns to normal.

I think it may be some type of glitch, but why only with Dell Systems. Of course, it may just be laptops, but I don't have any other brand.

Why would the system show one link rate in it properties for that network and the Router show something different. And this is not a small difference.

One other thing I notice, if you watch the link rates for all the devices, most will change for a couple of seconds and go back to advertised speeds. This one remains on the speed the other ones jump to during that time, and then jumps temporarily to is actual speed. Reverse of what the others do.

I don't need to push to hard on this for a resolution, the Hotspot seems to be working fine. I just think it is interesting.

I am only running the Hotspot for testing. Also, the link rate is a test being done, just like it is handled in Windows for the properties of a network.
Maximus Z790 Hero,
Intel i9-13900k
Intel BE200

Level 15
So to clarify speeds are normal, but reported speed is incorrect?

Incorrectly labeled DFS strike? *(Shrugs)….*