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AXE11000 Stuck on "Firmware Downloading..."

Level 7

I have a GT-AXE11000 that when I go to the firmware tab there is a box that comes up saying "Firmware Downloading..." and won't go away. If I let it sit it comes back with the message "Currently unable to check for the firmware update due to Internet disconnection. Go to network map and check your Internet status. After the Internet resumes, go back to this page and click Check to check for the latest firmware updates." and it prevents me from doing anything else on the firmware tab. The internet did not disconnect. Current version is and I see the Auto Firmware Upgrade switch is toggled on. I'm guessing this is what is causing it but I can't access the page to turn it off. Is there another way I can fix this? 


Level 7

Well disregard this. It's been doing it for a couple of months now and I decided to do a couple of reboots on it again (yes I tried rebooting it before...) and now it's working. 

Level 14

I'm not sure why your auto update is stalled (check your system log, look for "webs_update" and other log messages around the same time as the update log entries), but you can disable it on the command line with "nvram set webs_update_enable=0" followed by "nvram commit".  If you disable it and reboot, hopefully the update page state should be idle.