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AXE11000 Emitting "SP Red Test Only" SSID

Level 9
From what I can find searching online, there is no record of it related to this router. I can confirm the signal is coming from this router because as soon as I turn it off, the signal disappears. It is an closed network that says "Tap to sign up," oddly only seen by my android... however I suspect other devices are seeing it a "Hidden Network." For what its worth: I have the wifi 6 radio turned off since theres no devices I own that can utilize it, yet. Considering the signal does not disappear whether or not I have wifi 6 radio enabled or disabled, I feel like something is wrong and one of my radios isnt being utilized properly.

I have tried factory resetting to troubleshoot as well but no fix. Working with support now, meanwhile I'm curious if anyone has this router and could confirm you have the signal as well?

wilsondenq wrote:
Try to set a fixed channel

After updating to build and setting fixed channels, enabling agile multiband always turns on a wifi radio broadcasting SSID "SP Red Test Only" with "tap to sign up" underneath. Clicking it briefly attempts to connect then reverts back to my network, but now where it used to say "tap to sign up" now says "Opening SP Red Test Only"

Disabling Agile multiband on 5ghz radio makes the network SP Red Test Only disappear but noticably degrades signal to 5GHz devices