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Axe11000 Drivers

Level 7
I'm using the 22.50 Intel Driver and OWE and all works fine. I only have my computer whitelisted on the 6G
network for added security.

When I upgrade to the 22.70 Driver, the 6G Network disappears. Rolling rolling back to 22.50 and it reappears.
AX210 Intel Adapter installed on the motherboard.

Any suggestions?

Level 13
Having the 6G working without the WPA3 password requirement runs it as an open network. You may be partially protected but you might give some thought to what an unknown user might be able to do using your network.

If the radio was visible, the new driver more than likely overwrote the Registry entry you modified for the 6 GHZ to be seen.. It might be best to put it back to the Password requirement and wait until Oct., if you have a system capable of Win 11.
Maximus Z790 Hero,
Intel i9-13900k
Intel BE200