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AX55 1800 kicks out wired connections only

Level 7

I have this AX55 Router and has some wired behaviors.  From time to time, the wired connection will be disconnected.  When it happens, unplug and replug the rj-45 cables does not help.  The only way to solve the issue is to reboot the router.    Strangely enough the wireless connection is not impacted.

I have a 1800S as hard-wired aimesh node.   When it happens, that node will go off and I lose wifi/rj-45 connections all together in that area of the network.   

I have tried soft reset and hard reset the AX55.  but it still comes back.    Now I try to see the log but I have not had any luck.  Can some one share some thoughts on how to troubleshooting it? 

Thank you.