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AX11000 VPN Fusion failure

Level 8

I just bought the router and I'm currently using the latest firmware and I cannot seem to get VPN Fusion working for specific devices. I can do the following:

Setting 1
Add Server - ExpressVPN using OpenVPN (not as default)
Add Exception - 1 AppleTV
Result - works but all other devices not in exception cannot connect to Amazon, Netflix, Hulu, etc.

Setting 2
Add Server - ExpressVPN using OpenVPN (used as default)
No exception added
Result - all devices works through VPN.

Setting 3
Add Server - ExpressVPN using OpenVPN (as default)
Add Exception - 1 AppleTV (to Internet)
Result - all devices work thru VPN, but AppleTV cannot connect to Hulu, Netflix, Amazon, etc.

In all instances, Youtube works fine though the country changes depending on how it sees the VPN. *Ideally, I would like to setup Setting 1 where I only have select media devices (I'm aiming for 2 Apple TV and 1 Nvidia Shield) go to VPN while the rest of the devices go through normal internet connection. I've looked at the forums and it seems like this problem is common.

I've seen the recommendation to delete all Servers and Exceptions, then try again. I also read that I had to put the DNS manually in WAN page so that default internet works. *Both those*recommendations didn't work. Another suggestion was to downgrade to a specific firmware ( which doesn't exist on the site anymore. Please advise if I'm doing something wrong or if I have to wait for a firmware fix.

Trackerlover wrote:
Thank you for letting me know. I'll have to get AX88U in that case and run it with Merlin firmware.

i managed to get Nordvpn to work on the router with FW*Current Version : *I also set it to use TCP instead of UDP .. for some reason all my devices work seamlessly on TCP. Aslo i had to downgrade from the latest version FW to get VPN to actually Work without getting proxy error messages. I think there is a bug in thé latest FW for this router.. so for no i suggest we stay on *FW . Until the bug is fixed in the next update.*